At Nursery Village, we understand the importance of interaction and inclusion with our parents. You play a huge role in your childs learning and development, so regular communication and updates are vital.

Parents are welcomed into the nursery setting. We recognise that each family has different values and wishes, and we will do our best to accommodate your requests and concerns, whilst maintaining our values, aims and policies.

Through discussion and good communication, we will aim to adhere to the values

and traditions of your family, meeting your child’s cultural & basic care needs.

Our digital platform Famly, is clear and user friendly, allowing staff and parents to share every aspect of your childs learning and development goals.


Watch a quick introduction to our Famly Platform

  • EYFS Framework

    The OFSTED Early Years framework is embedded within our Famly system, so we can assess and record every childs progress and achievements against their Early Learning Goals.

    Plus, we can monitor attendance and bookings, simplify billing and payments, so at Nursery Village you only pay for what you use. 

    Simple Interaction

    Your involvement is of great importance to our success and your childs progress.

    Our platform allows us to share not only pictures from your childs day, but full interaction and reports on their progress milestones. You can also share their achievements at home, so we never miss an opportunity to shape their journey, even when you're at work.

    Everything in one place

    We take the health and daily routine of every child very seriously. This includes everything from the quality of food we serve, any preferences you have for you child or their interaction with staff and children alike.

    You can monitor when they nap, their meal times or complete their medical records or permissions online, all from one simple app.

    Nursery Village Policies & Procedures

    The Nursery Village Policy & Procedures Handbook, ensures everyone involved in a child’s progress through Nursery, is clear on how we aim to achieve all that is required by the Early Years Foundation Stage and beyond.

    We have shared the key policies below, as part of our inclusive ethos to work in partnership with our parents, with the full Policy & Procedures Handbook available to download as well.

    If you have any questions or suggestions around Nursery Village Policies, you can discuss them with your Nursery Manager, or send us an email from the Contact Us page.