Nursery Sessions

As a community focused childcare provider, everything is as simple as possible

Our childcare sessions are only available in simple Full Day (8am-6pm), Morning (8am-1pm) or Afternoon (1pm-6pm) sessions and include everything your child needs that day.

Morning sessions include a fruit snack and hot lunch, whilst Afternoon sessions include Tea.

Drop Off and Collection can take place any time between 8-9am and 5-6pm at the start and finish.

We offer Early Drop Off with Breakfast from 7.30am or a Late Pick Up with a Snack until 6.30pm, which can be booked on an Ad-Hoc basis through our Childcare App if required.

Session pricing is All Inclusive and changes with Ratio requirements, the month after your child turns 3.

Fees & Funding

Securing a nursery place, starts with joining our waiting list, before we contact you in the following weeks to discuss availability and session options. Remember, space may be available on certain days and not others, so flexible days will help you start sooner.

In order to provide consistency for children, we require a minimum of two sessions per week which can be two half day sessions and ALL part time bookings must include a Monday or Friday session.

If we can offer you a nursery place, you will be sent an electronic Childcare Agreement to complete and sign, for the sessions and start date offered. With this agreement, we ask you to pay a £50 Registration Fee and a non refundable Initial Childcare Fee equal to Two weeks care on your chosen attendance pattern, but we don't keep this Childcare Fee as a deposit.

Once you start, the Initial Childcare Fee is used towards your first invoice, with invoices issued monthly in advance for the "actual" sessions booked rather than an average.


Key steps to secure your childcare place:

1 - Accept your place offer email, or you can defer or decline.
2 - Once Accepted, we can send your electronic Childcare Agreement.
3 - Sign your Childcare Agreement, Pay your £50 Registration Fee and Initial Childcare Fee.
4 - Once confirmed, if thing change, you can delay your start by up to 3 months as long as you provide 1 months notice of the change.
5 - Once sessions are invoiced, they cannot be changed, deferred or refunded.


Siblings of attending children are given priority, simply added to your booking where space is available, with a 5% discount applied for the oldest child.

You can also use Tax Free Childcare to pay your fees at any age, except unfortunately payment of your Initial Childcare Fee which is due when you accept a place, with more information available at

Finally, Government Funding for 2, 3 or 4 Year Olds is also accepted and with Nursery Village, we accept funding in the simplest way possible and deduct the time from the first sessions each week. There are no restrictions on when you can use a funded session and you are not required to pay for any private sessions to achieve the funded sessions. We simply deduct the time and apply a £6 daily fee for food and consumables.

As an All Year Round childcare provider, Government Funding which was designed for Term Time Only care, is stretched over the whole year on an even weekly basis. Universal Funding or 15 hours is applied as 11 hours per week, whilst Extended Funding or 30 hours is applied as 22 hours per week.

Term Time Only sessions are not generally provided, however we will accommodate Term Time Only requests from parents who demonstrate they work within education.

Term Time Only attendance schedules, follow the Local Authority published term dates.